CCLTracker Framework: Monitoring user learning and activity in web based citizen science projects


  • Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez Citizen Cyberlab - University of Geneva
  • Ioannis Charalampidis CERN
  • Oula Abu-Amsha University of Geneva
  • Francois Grey University of Geneva
  • Daniel K. Schneider University of Geneva
  • Ben Segal CERN
  • Sharada P. Mohanty EPFL



Citizen Cyberlab


Analytics tools have been widely used over the last years for the development of web-based application and services. Analytics data allows improving user interfaces through planning, executing, and evaluating actions intended to increase user engagement. Measuring and improving user engagement in citizen science projects is not different from other web applications such as on-line shopping, newspapers, or sites for recommending music or movies. However, citizen science projects also aim to produce learning outcomes on the participants. Current analytics tools do not present sufficient information regarding user behaviour with the application, thus making measuring engagement and learning outcomes difficult. This paper presents the CCLTracker analytics framework that is intended to overcome current limitations in analytics tools, by providing an API for monitoring user activities such as time spent watching a video, time to complete a task, or how far down a page is scrolled. CCLTracker has been integrated in 3 different citizen science projects which have proved its value for measuring user engagement and learning.




How to Cite

Fernandez-Marquez, J. L., Charalampidis, I., Abu-Amsha, O., Grey, F., Schneider, D. K., Segal, B., & Mohanty, S. P. (2016). CCLTracker Framework: Monitoring user learning and activity in web based citizen science projects. Human Computation, 3(1), 99-117.