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A Citizen Science project to fight Alzheimer’s


EyesOnALZ* is a citizen science project, which is crowdsourcing Alzheimer’s disease research for the Schaffer – Nishimura Lab at Cornell University. EyesOnALZ will release two citizen science games – Stall Catchers (Oct 2016) and a vessel tracing game (to be announced in 2017).

* formerly known as WeCureALZ


Our citizen science games are being built on two existing platforms, stardust@home and EyeWire. We are using data acquired by researchers at the Schaffer – Nishimura Lab and feeding them into the game platforms for crowdsourcing.

This work is supported by the BrightFocus Foundation and its generous donors.


(More in Meet the Team section)

EyesOnALZ project is led by the Human Computation Institute, and includes collaborators from the Schaffer-Nishimura Lab at Cornell UniversitySebastian Seung’s Laboratory at Princeton University, the stardust@home team at U.C. Berkeley,, and WiredDifferently.

The Stall Catchers gamestallcatchers-logo-1-2

Stall Catchers is the first of two online games being developed at EyesOnALZ. The game will allow participants to look at movies of real blood vessels in mouse brains, and search for “stalls” – clogged capillaries where blood is no longer flowing. By “catching stalls” participants will be able to build up their score, level up, compete in the game leaderboard, and receive digital badges for their various achievements.

Everyone who participates will contribute to Alzheimer’s research at the Schaffer-Nishimura Laboratory (Cornell Dept. of Biomedical Engineering), and help speed up the search for an Alzheimer’s cure by orders of magnitude.


Stall Catchers 1 month infographic
What is Alzheimer's citizen science, and what it is not


EyesOnALZ - Stardust@home and EyeWire