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About this Journal

Human Computation is an international and interdisciplinary forum for the electronic publication and print archiving of high-quality scholarly articles in all areas of human computation, which concerns the design or analysis of information processing systems in which humans participate as computational elements.


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Key disciplines

Artificial Intelligence
Behavioral Sciences
Cognitive Science
Complexity Science
Computer Engineering
Cultural Anthropology
Evolutionary Biology
Information Science


Related subtopics

Applications - novel or transformative applications
Interfaces - HCI or related human factors methods or issues
Modalities - general interaction paradigms (e.g., gaming) and related methods
Techniques - repeatable methods, analogous to design patterns for OOP
Algorithms - wisdom of crowds, aggregation, reputation, crowdsourced analysis, and ML/HC
Architecture - development platforms, architectures, languages, APIs, IDEs, and compilers
Infrastructure - relevant networks, protocols, state space, and services
Participation - factors that influence human participation
Analysis - techniques for extracting information
Epistemology - the role, source, representation, and construction of information
Policy - ethical, regulatory, and economic considerations
Security - security issues, including surreptitious behavior to influence system outcomes
Society - cultural, evolutionary, existential, psychological, and social impact
Organization - taxonomies of concepts, terminology, problem spaces, algorithms, and methods
Surveys - state of the art assessments of various facets
Meta-topics - insightful commentary on the future, philosophy, charter, and purpose of HC



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